Voting Day!

Remember to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight and to vote afterwards for Team Wagannbuns! Your votes are very important, so lets not let Jack down! Remember to vote as many ways and as often as possible! This week the eliminations will start, so voting for Jack is the only way to guarantee we see Jack on our screen again next week.

  • Phone: 1-800-868-3402
  • Text: You can text the word VOTE to 3402
  • Online: Visit once the show starts to vote online!

You are allowed to begin voting once the show stars.  So be sure to use up all your text votes, phone numbers and e-mails!!!  And go Jack and Anna!

Start Your Engines!!!

It was just announced that Jack and Anna will be Grand Marshall at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg this coming Sunday, March 25! The race will be televised on ABC starting at 12:30 EST! For those with little race knowledge, there are many duties for the Grand Marshall, most notably beginning the race by saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” For more information you can check out the website of the race at:

How to Vote for Jack on Dancing with the Stars!

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for as season 14 of Dancing With the Stars kicks off starring our very own Jack Wagner!!! There will be several ways to vote this season and they are by phone, text or online! Be sure to vote all three ways to help support Jack and Anna!

The official number to call to vote is 1-800-868-3402! Remember, multiple votes are allowed from the same phone line so be sure to make sure you use up all of your votes when dialing by phone. If you have more then one phone, like a cell phone be sure to use that to vote as well. If your spouse, children, siblings, cousins, friends or anyone happen to be near you it won’t hurt to ask to borrow their phone to vote as well!!! The more votes the merrier!

If you have a cell phone on the AT&T Network, be sure to text in your votes as well! You can send a vote for Jack by texting the word VOTE to 3402! Again, you have multiple votes allowed for texting, so please be sure to use all of your allotted votes!

You could also vote online by visiting You can sign in using your Facebook account OR by registering with If you have more then one e-mail address, you can register each account as well! Again, you are allowed to vote multiple times per each account, so PLEASE be sure to vote using up all of your allotted votes!

There is more information for voting after the jump, please be sure to check it out!!! If you have any questions, please visit our message board and we will be glad to assist in anyway possible. (more…)

Countdown to Dancing with the Stars & More!

Do not miss Good Morning America on Monday, 3/18 as they will have a count down to the kickoff of Dancing with the Star tomorrow night! Good Morning America can be found on your local ABC Affiliate!

Also, Access Hollywood advertised on Friday that Jack would be appearing on the 3/18 Broadcast as well! Be sure to tune in to check that out as well.