Jack to appear on Jimmy Kimmel

Jack just tweeted he will be filming a bit on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow.  In case your not sure what a bit is, its usually one of the funny segments they include in the show, usually a short little skit.  He said he believes it will air tomorrow!

Be sure to check your local ABC Station for time!

One Night Later…

So I have been thinking about this post since last night.  Not sure what I should say because how disappointed I was for Jack, definitely not in Jack.  I am sure all of you agree with me here.

For the past three weeks we saw the dedication and hard work he had put into this show.  We learned about his hamburger feet and got to celebrate as he developed his second ab.  We got to smile as we saw his hard work come to life on Monday nights.  And on Monday night we all got emotional with him as we got to hear about his last year.

Jack, your stint on DWTS may have come to an end way too soon, but not one of your fans today thinks of you as anything closely remote to a loser.  In all of our eyes, you are a winner.  We thank you for taking us along for the ride these past few weeks with DWTS and showing us how hard you work when you want something.  We thank you for entertaining us for so many years.  We thank you for always greeting us with a smile whether it be at one of your concerts,  on the golf course supporting you or where ever we may bump into you.  We thank you for sharing your family with us and remind us just how important family is.  We thank you for continuing the fight against Leukemia and what you have raised for LLS, especially those of us who have ever lost anyone to Leukemia or any form of cancer(I lost my uncle on Christmas Eve 1995 to Leukemia).  We thank you for just being you.

We look forward to continue to see what comes next and know no matter what it is, we will be there to support you the entire way!

Much love,

All of your fans at Wagner World

Tune In Alert – DWTS Tonight!

Reminder to everyone to TUNE IN  tonight to Dancing With The Stars and vote for Jack.   He is up first tonight and the call in number is 1-800-868-3402,  or online at ABC.com or AT&T costumers can text VOTE to 3402.  Voting continues for one hour after show except on line which ends at 11AM Est, next morning.

Remember to get your votes in so we can do it again next week.