Jack Wagner Sets Record Straight on General Hospital Return

Jack Wagner took to his twitter today to clear up where we stand with a possible Frisco Jones return to General Hospital…

4 all the GH fans I was asked about returning months ago rite when DWTS startd n was unable 2 return. I have not been contactd since..thnx 4 the lv n interest in Frisco. Those were glory days 4 fans as well as all the actors. I’m happy 2 see the show doing better w the old cast Members returning, especially my lovely ex-wife Kristina(Felicia). Thnx again 4 all the interest n support but wantd 2 set record strait..lv

Frisco Jones is one of the most, if not the most, anticipated returns in Daytime Soap history.  To the people at ABC, to the EP of GH Frank Valentini and anyone else please, lets make this happen.  Surely you will see a reward in the ratings if you do bring Frisco home!