Jack to Guest Star on Celebrity Apprentice

If you follow Jack on twitter, you know he recently announced he flew to New York for the up and coming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice.  Jack will be appearing on the up and coming season of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice during one of their tasks! Celebrity Apprentice airs on NBC and will debut in early 2013.  Among the celebrities returning the series this season is Jack’s former Melrose Place co-star Lisa Rinna.  Gary Busey and Bret Michaels will also appear.  Donald Trump is the host of the show.

Jack to appear on Castle

As reported by TVGuide.com, Jack Wagner will be appearing on the ABC show Castle.  In the episode, not scheduled to air till January, Jack will portray a role very familiar to him, a golfer.  After a nasty divorce scandal, the golfers ex wife turns up dead.  For the full article from TV Guide, please follow the below link:


Jack on Made!

Jack’s appearance on the MTV Series MADE will air this coming Tuesday, October 9!  Be sure to set your DVR’s now!

From MTV.com

Emmy Award winning series ‘MADE’ steps out of High School! ‘MADE #DreamBigger’ focuses on college students, college graduates, and young adults trying to make it in the real world. The series continues to give viewers first-hand accounts of personal transformations and expert guidance, but now the stakes are raised! ‘MADE’ characters are moving across the country and out of their parents’ home, starting their own businesses, and launching their careers, all while dealing with infant children, confronting domestic violence, and getting married. Goals include Fashion Stylist, TV Host, Celebrity Assistant, Drag Queen, Make-up Mogul, Circus Aerialist and many more.