Prayers for Jim

Jack Wagner Concert at North Folk Theater at Westbury

4/10/2005 – Backstage at Jack’s musical return to Westbury Music Fair on Long Island!

If you have been a Jack fan for as long as most of us, then most likely you know of his very good friend and personal assistant Jim Powers.  If you have been lucky enough to go to one of Jack’s golf tournaments or one of his concerts you may be one of the lucky ones who has gotten to meet him.

Earlier today Jack tweeted:

Prayers 4 my best friend n personal asst. 4 over 40 yrs Jim Powers. A lot of u know Jim n know what a kind n generous man he is. He’s in the hospital about 2 have another procedure done 2 repair a bleeding esophagus. His twitter name is @patsy6658. thnx 4 the support n lv

Soon after starting Wagner World, way back when, I got to know Jim.  I can not tell you how nice of a man he truly is.  He has always been there for me and this site with his support and willing to help out anyway he can.  Whenever I send him an e-mail or give him a call, he has always been there willing to do anything he can.  He truly is a one of a kind human being.  That is why I ask all of you to please send your prayers to Jim at this time.  As Jack mentioned on his twitter, you can send him your prayers and support via twitter.  His twitter name is @patsy6658.  I am sure he would appreciate each and everyone one of them!

From all of us hear at Wagner World Jim, please get well soon.  We can’t wait to see you walking around the golf course or at Jack’s next concert!