Wagner World/Jack Wagner Live Twitter Chat Recap – Monday, Feb 4

To help celebrate Frisco’s return Jack will be doing Live Twitter Chats throughout the week!  You can submit questions for the chat by tweeting them to me at @WagnerWorldNews.

We started today, Frisco’s first time on General Hospital in 18 years, with our first one.  Jack answered questions from users and myself during the east coast airing of General Hospital.

@WagnerWorldNews: What does it mean to you that after all this time there is such a demand from fans for a character that hasn’t been seen in eighteen years?

Jack: It’s overwhelming. Life is truly unpredictable n this is an example of that. I never thought I would play Frisco again. 2 have response from the fans has humbled me beyond words.. Thank you all.

@JanRoss12 Asked: @WagnerWorldNews Was it difficult to get back into the role of Frisco Jones after so many years away?

Jack: Very difficult, yes. 2 try n capture the magnitude of his life away as well as what an enormous impact his absence had on his Daughters as well as Felecia was more than I had anticipated. The raw emotion that has come up 4 me as well as Kristina could not have been predicted. I’m conscience of how Frisco walks, carries himself in unfamiliar places n his natural second sense of being in secret ops 4 years.

@WagnerWorldNews: So not only was Frisco one of the most beloved characters ever, but Frisco & Felicia are one of the greatest super couples in the history of daytime.  What was it like working with Kristina again after all of this time?

Jack: Kristina and I have worked very hard on ourselves as well as together 2 b present and available parents given our divorce. To work together and recreate the characters of Frisco & Felicia has been a whole different ball game. We were both nervous as well as committed to evolving these characters, yet maintain the charm and chemistry that these two young lovers possessed. When we’re onscreen together something natural happens.. I hope it still works for the GH audience..it’s been a blessing 2 say the least… T

Thank you all n I’ll b doing more live Q&A by tweet thru the week. Lv


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