Wagner World/Jack Wagner Live Twitter Chat Recap – Tuesday, Feb 5

To help celebrate Frisco’s return Jack will be doing Live Twitter Chats throughout the week!  You can submit questions for the chat by tweeting them to me at @WagnerWorldNews.

We continue today with three questions answered submitted from you guys!  Really great questions with even better answers.  Thanks to everyone for submitting them and to Jack for taking the time out of his day to answer them for all of us.

@WagnerWorldNews:  Did you wish you had come back to GH sooner, or do you think this is the right time…that is you have “the right key” and this time in the right direction! (Submitted by Selena Lee)

Jack: I truly believe this is the right time 2 have returned 2 GH. Anything before now would not have had this type of impact. The 50th as well as Kristina’s return have set up what I believe to be the perfect timing for Frisco’s return.

@WagnerWorldNews:  What did you feel when Kristina said her first line to you “Frisco.. ” The passion in both of your eyes was amazing. (Submitted by Emily Note)

Jack: The truth? We were both choked up and VERY emotional. We didn’t discuss it we just let it be what it was. Sometimes in acting emotions hit when you least expect and sometimes they come when you expect. In our case there was no stopping anything. What you see is very real and deep.

@WagnerWorldNews: Did they develop a backstory for what went on when the characters were supposedly off-screen together before Georgie died? (Submitted by @danzerotti on twitter)

Jack: That unfolds a few episodes down the road. When Frisco addresses the issue of his absence as well as his pain of missing his daughters death there is a DEEP DEEP view of his hidden pain and underlying agony of the choices he’s made in his life. Kristina was amazing in these scenes…

Thank you all again for your support and love


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