The Actor

TELEVISION GUIDE (Episodic-Regular Role)

A New Day in Eden (1982): Jack portrayed Clint Masterson in this prime time drama.

General Hospital (1983-1987, 1989-1991): Jack portrayed rock star turned copper turned spy Frisco Jones.

Santa Barbara (1991-1993): Jack portrayed the Hemingway-esque writer Warren Lockridge.

Melrose Place (1994-1999): Jack portrayed the scheming Dr. Peter Burns.

Titans (2000): Jack portrayed family patriarch Jack Williams.

Bold & the Beautiful (2003-2012): Jack portrayed sea captain Nick Marone.

Dancing with the Stars (2012, 14th Season)

TELEVISION GUIDE (Episodic – Guest Star)
Knots Landing (1983): Jack portrayed a Senator’s assistant in three episodes.

Sirens (1993): Jack portrayed the dangerous lover of one of the coppers.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Cameo

Lois & Clark: Jack portrayed a villain out to expose Superman.

Touched By an Angel (1999): Jack portrayed a single father…and con artist.

Sunset Beach (1997): Jack portrayed a jewel thief Jacques Dumont

Maggie (1998): Cameo

Monk (2009): Perry Walsh

Hot In Cleveland (2011): Dr. Aaron Everett

Solid Gold (1985-1987): Jack not only performed on the show several times, but also served as guest host on more than one occasion.

Weddings of a Lifetime (1995-1996): Jack, along with Kristina Wagner, co-hosted the original four editions of this Lifetime TV series comprised of dream weddings.

Intimate Portrait: Heather Locklear (1997): Jack narrated this Lifetime TV profile of friend/co-star Heather Locklear.

Miss Universe Pageant (1998): Jack hosted the 48th annual pageant from Hawaii.

Off Course (2002): Jack gets to know celebrities from the world of sports, entertainment and politics during a round of golf.

Crowned (2007): Mother/Daughter pageant series finale.


Moving Target (1987)- Jack portrays a hired gun out to get a teenager and his missing family.

Swimsuit (1988) – Jack portrays a wealthy lothario who charms a naive Midwestern girl with dreams of being a model.

Play Murder for Me (1990)- Jack portrays a jazz musician drawn to his married ex despite the bad blood.

Trapped in Space (1994)- A group of astronauts on a trip to Venus has their craft hit by a meteor leaving enough oxygen for only three crew members to survive.

Lady Killer (1995)- Jack as a man obsessed with a married woman with whom he had an affair.

Frequent Flyer (1996) – Jack as a charming pilot addicted to love and marriage.

Echo (1997) – Jack in a dual role of twin brothers. One brother has a serious ax to grind…

Dirty Little Secret (1999)- Jack as seedy small town sheriff with a secret, which begins to come to light when his adopted son is kidnapped.

Nowhere to Land (2000)- Jack as the pilot of a plane on a transcontinental flight with a bomb set to go off if the plane lands.

Artificial Lies (2001) – Jack as a therapist with a dangerous agenda.

Trapped: Beneath the Snow – An architect works to find his family once an avalanche takes down his masterpiece.

Cupid’s Prey (2002)- Jack portrays the adulterous patriarch of a wealthy family with a deadly secret.

Ghost Dog (2003) – Jack portrays a small town lawman in the tale of a mysterious dog.

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